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La Salle Lake State Recreation Area

La Salle Lake State Recreation Area

In the early 1990s, an early Native American Elk Lake Culture prehistoric site was discovered adjacent to LaSalle Creek near the outlet of LaSalle Lake. The site was identified during planning for an upgrade of the county highway and was partially excavated in 1995 before the road was rebuilt.

The Institute for Minnesota ArchaeologyThis link leads to an external site. states: ”…artifacts recovered from the LaSalle Creek site have provided archaeologists with a clearer picture of how the producers of Brainerd Ware ceramics lived, what they ate, and what tools they made. In addition, the date of 3,180 years ago obtained from charred residue on the inside of a ceramic sherd at the LaSalle Creek Site is one of the earliest known dates for an Elk Lake Culture occupation in Minnesota.”

The northern headwaters of the Mississippi River is an extremely important area for these early archaeological sites, and additional cultural resource areas may be discovered on the property.
La Salle Lake State Recreation Area is Minnesota’s newest state recreation area. It offers a great wilderness experience and peaceful getaway amid red and jack pine forests and woodlands.

Take advantage of fishing opportunities on Minnesota’s deepest inland lake at 213 feet. Other highlights include a coldwater stream, a scientific and natural area and a pristine stretch of the Mississippi River.
All sites have full sewer, water and electric hookup for lodging and camping.
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